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Therapeutic Life Coaching

Therapeutic Life Coaching brings together the best of both therapeutic and coachig techniques to help individuals to feel more confident in themselves, make changes in their life path, feel more fulfilled at work, improve relationships with family and partners, become more confident parents, gain deeper satisfaction and meaning in life, and recognize and fulfill life long dreams.  

Individuals who are ready to get clear about what they want using the power of thier intentions to direct, their intuition to guide, and their courage to take inspired actions benefit most from therapeutic life coaching.

What makes therapeutc life coaching so unique and effective is that, while past woundings and fluctuating moods are not the focus of the work, as in therapy, the therapeutic life coach has mastered the ability to quickly and effectively address self sabotage patterns through deeper methods than what coaches are typically trained for.

Call Hannah Idalia today at 831-325-7663 to learn how to receive a no cost therapeutic coaching exploratory session.

Bring your burning desires, your open focus, your commitment to clarity, to setting intentions, and following through with inspired action (or your willingness to break through the blocks to such commitments), and be prepared to realize the life of your dreams.